About What's Cookin'?

What’s Cookin’? is a collective of three friends, dj’s and house lovers alike aiming to set up a fresh and lasting house night that makes a serious dent in the Belgian dance music scene.

House heads Joeri Van Steen aka DJ Bugsy, Jan Deruyck aka DJ Jack (H)erer and Andrew Fecheyr want to keep on bringing new ideas and music and promote the night with care. They have the energy and creativity to do so and have enlisted the help of a whole group of select people to make What’s Cookin’? the success that it has fast become.

The roots of What’s Cookin’? lie in the legendary home parties in their ‘mansion’. The success and growing popularity of those parties allowed them to invite John Larner (Aroma,Muzique Boutique,US) alongside Back & 4th (Touché, Muzique Boutique), Tino (Rendez-Fou) and Jensen & Bugsy (Decadance) for a great opening party and a massive thumbs up from the people that came out to enjoy a night of quality house.

Throughout the following parties the crowds kept getting bigger and the line-ups started to read like a who’s who of the house music scene: Big Hair (U-Freqs, UK), Inland Knights (Drop Music, UK), DIZ (Classic, Chicago USA), Massimo Dacosta (Vernon & Dacosta, BE),.... The locations followed suit and ranged from an old castle to a big factory.

A few months of recess were used to recover and prepare a comeback with a completely new style, a fresh website and of course a whole slew of new parties on the agenda. The crew also succeeded in signing a partnership with one of Ghent's finest venues: Vooruit. This deal allowed them to keep on providing you with the best house parties in town.

But it is always time to move on, so after a few What's Cookin' editions in Vooruit we set up shop in the ICC building with its many fabulous party rooms. In the new venue What's Cookin' had more storming parties with Big Hair, Kink and a big 3 Years What's Cookin' night with none other than Joe Claussell. The crew itself has been expanded with Danny Huwé, while Andrew will be mainly helping out with all the website and IT stuff.

For the new season you can expect some serious parties with some very serious names. Do NOT make any plans for NY eve yet... And last but not least What's Cookin' will also host a new radio show on Urgent FM. So stay tuned!

Who Are We?


Danny Huwé

a.k.a Danny

Le Pain Total


Andrew Fecheyr

a.k.a Tony Andrews

artist page - blog - linked in


Jan Deruyck

a.k.a Jack Herer

artist page - myspace


Joeri Van Steen

a.k.a Bugsy

artist page - myspace


Mr. Mayz

a.k.a aMayzing rabbits

myspace - mayz@pandora.be


For general enquiries, please mail us at info@whatscookin.be