What's Cookin'? pres New Year's Eve

Thursday 31 Dec 2009

What’s Cookin’? New Year’s Eve Edition

New Year’s Eve

Always a special night for most people, What’s Cookin’? now offers the possibility to all quality-concerned party people to come down for a unique New Year’s Eve night. Convinced that this night is not only about superficiality and mindless entertainment they have cooked up a menu you will never forget.

Dj and Live Vocals

Special guests for the night will be Red D feat Lady Linn, the dj + singer collective that has been causing quite the storm over the last years. This summer Red D and his singing angel Lady Linn were all over the place, taking one festival after beach party by storm with their selection of live vocal house classics known and unknown. As far as pure house music fun goes you cannot get any better than that…or can you?

Kerri Chandler

About half a year ago proof was delivered that house things could indeed get even better. For that you would need the extraordinary talents of someone like, let’s say Kerri Chandler? Well, that’s exactly what happened at the 10 days Off festival and the last edition of The Sunday Matinee at Charlatan, the unique Sunday concept set up by Red D and Jan ‘Jack’ Deruyck. Kerri joined Red D and Lady Linn for a live performance filled with improvisation, fun and most of all fabulous house music.

Unique Performance

And so What’s Cookin’? is pretty damn proud to announce the VERY special guest for New Year’s Eve: The Godfather of Soulful House, a living legend, Mister Kerri Chandler!!
This NYC home-based dj/producer/singer will once again take the stage together with Red D and Lady Linn to bring you what could very well be the best quality New Year’s Eve performance ever.

Belgian Talent

This line-up alone should have your house glands salivating like never before, but just to make sure that happens What’s Cookin’? has also ensured that you will be warmed up perfectly by young Belgian prodigy San Soda, main member of Red D’s We Play House Recordings collective.

The Residents

Dessert as always will be hot and swe(a)et(y)! The What’s Cookin’? Residents Jensen, Bugsy and Jack will make those belts burst and leave you with a few extra pounds to carry home! Live visuals and special effects by JokJok!

So there you have it. A New Year’s Eve night for quality seekers, a New Year’s Eve night to look forward to, a New Year’s Eve night Ghent has rarely ever witnessed before.


We are giving away several prizes including Vinyl, Mix CD’s, Free-Tickets but this is New Year’s Eve and it ought to be a special night! On December 31 2009 Kerri Chandler will join us at Music Mania Record store for an afternoon of crate digging and soul searching and you can be there too! Win a meet and greet with the grandmaster of house! More info soon!


Kerri Chandler
San Soda
Red d Feat Lady Lynn
Jack 'n Jazz


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